Iina Bihoo'aah Program


Iina Bihoo'aah Program

Iina Bihoo’aah Program (IBP) pronounced Ee-nah Bi-ho-ah, the Navajo translation is ‘learning about life’. IBP was developed after SAMHSA awarded UNHS Inc. Behavioral Health Department the Healthy Transition Grant.

Iina Bihoo’aah Program: Improving Life Trajectories for Youth and Young Adults with Serious Mental Disorders Program

The purpose of this program is to improve and expand access to developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate services and supports for transition-aged youth and young adults (ages 16-25) who either have, or are at risk for developing, serious mental health conditions.

Supporting your life journey

Healthy Transitions: Improving life trajectories for youth and young adults with a Serious Mental Illness or Serious Emotional Disorder

Serious Mental Illness (SMI) -Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED)

Serious Mental Illness (SMI) is defined as someone over the age of 18 who has (or had within the past year) a diagnosable mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder that causes serious functional impairment that substantially interferes with or limits one or more major life activities.

Children with Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) are persons who are under the age of 18, who have had a diagnosable mental, behavioral or emotional disorder of sufficient duration to meet diagnostic criteria specified within DSM-V, that resulted in functional impairment which substantially interferes with or limits the child’s role or functioning in family, school or community activities.

The therapist will engage with each IBP participant to create a treatment plan and delivery is driven by the assessment. Treatment plans outline the types and dosage of services and support to reduce symptoms and improve functioning. Services may include outpatient therapy, medication, case.

Our Purpose

To improve emotional and behavioral health functioning so teens and youth adults are better able to maximize their potential in adult roles and responsibilities and lead full and productive lives.

Serving the teens and young adults of the Utah Navajo and White Mesa Ute Mountain Ute communities

For those:

for our Native Teens and Young ADults

Supporting your Life Journey

Types of Services

Counseling Therapy
Case Management
Peer Support
Traditional Healing Practices

Meet the Team

Tanya Dean

Program Director
Prior to her employment with UNHS Tanya was employed with the San Carlos Apache Tribe as a Child Protective Services Investigator for 15 years. Learn More

Deirdre Piotrowski, LCSW

Deirdre graduated with a master’s in social work from the University of Utah in 1989. Deirdre started working for Utah Navajo Health Systems in March 2003. Learn More

Autumn Secody, MSW

Autumn Secody is from Monument Valley, Utah, and graduated from Arizona State University with a Master’s degree in Social Work. Learn More

Tilton Dennison

Case Manager - Montezuma Creek
Ya’at’eeh shik’ei’doo’ shidine’e’. I’m Tilton Dennison... Learn More

Monique Wilson

Case Manager - Monument Valley
Yá'at'ééh, shí eí Monique LeAnna Wilson yinishyé. Yé'íí Díné Táchii’nii dóone' nishłį. Hooghan łání Báshihchíín.Honágháahnii Dashicheii. ‘Ásh híí Dashináli. Learn More

Delbert Dickson

CPSS Peer Support - Montezuma Creek
Yaa’teeh my name is Delbert Dickson I am from Cahone Mesa, Utah, and I am currently employed by Utah Navajo Health System Behavioral Heath Healthy... Learn More

Peer Support

Peer Support - Monument Valley

Curestine Harvey

Youth Coordinator
Yá'at'ééh, shí eí Curestine Harvey yinishyé. Learn More

Shawn Whitehorse

Program Evaluator
Yaa’teeh my name is Shawn Whitehorse... Learn More

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News Media Highlights

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Utah Traveling Troupe

NAATSIS’ÁÁN-RAINBOW CITY, Utah "It was an opportunity to bring Disneyland to Naatsis’áán, said Sahar Khadjenoury, who danced all through the Teddy Bear Clinic in a Mickey Mouse costume outside Navajo Mountain Community Health Center on Friday afternoon. “I absolutely loved the reaction we got from children,” said Khadjenoury, the interim youth coordinator for Utah Navajo Health System’s Iiná Bihoo’aah Program. “(The coronavirus) can be a scary time and to be quarantined during a pandemic can be kind of lonely. But the Teddy Bear Clinic is an opportunity to bring Disneyland to your backdoor.” UNHS hosts a Teddy Bear Clinic every year for children in Utah Navajo. UNHS has five clinic sites: Blanding Family Practice, Montezuma Creek Community Health Center, Monument Valley Community Health Center, San Juan Family Dental, and Navajo Mountain. The Teddy Bear Clinic does a whistle-stop tour of the clinics in late July and throughout August. Each stop, once a weekend, lasts less than two hours..."

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Young Filmmakers at Reel Iina Film Festival

Take a peek! We are in the Navajo Times Top Stories! "...The uplifting program advocates behavioral health and wellness among community members, especially the youth....Nineteen filmmakers ranging in age from 10 to 24 created the short films..." (to read more click on image)

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Fashion show, Community Supporters Promote Well-being

Iiná Bíhoo'aah youth council organized the Body Positivity fashion show guided by Sahar Khadjenoury, Iiná Bíhoo'aah youth coordinator. Khadjenoury explains to a group of models the idea behind using an umbrella when walking down the runway in Monument Valley, Utah, on Thursday, June 1. The show is to promote small businesses and healthy representation through fashion. Read full story on Navajo Times website. Photos by: Crystal Ashike "


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