Iina Bihoo'aah Program

Supporting your life journey

Healthy Transitions: Improving life trajectories for youth and young adults with a Serious Mental Illness or Serious Emotional Disorder

Our Purpose

To improve emotional and behavioral health functioning so teens and youth adults are better able to maximize their potential in adult roles and responsibilities and lead full and productive lives.

Serving the teens and young adults of the Utah Navajo and White Mesa Ute Mountain Ute communities


For those:

  •  Indian youth & young adults 16-25 years old
  • Who have Serious Emotional Disorder or Serious Mental Illness

Types of Services

Counseling Therapy 
Case Management
  •  Individual sessions
  • Suicide prevention
  • Substance use abuse and recovery support
  • Assist in treatment plans
  • Connect with services
Peer Support
Traditional Healing Practices
  • Coach from life experiences
  • Promotion of Self-Advocacy
  • Culturally competent
  • Ceremonies for healing